Walmart Employees to the Rescue When Nail Salon Refuses Woman

While shopping at Walmart, Angela Peters shared with employee Ebony Harris that she was turned down for a manicure earlier that day. Angela has Cerebral Palsy, which makes her hands shake. The nail salon told Angela that she shook too much, so they wouldn’t do her nails.

A group of Walmart employees decided that wasn’t right. So they got together, bought Angela nail polish, and then Ebony painted Angela’s nails at the Walmart Subway.

“She moved her hands a little bit and she kept saying she was sorry. And, I told her ‘Don’t say that. You’re fine.’” Harris told ABC News.

“I just wanted to make her day special. I didn’t really want her day to be ruined. That’s why I did it. And plus, she’s a sweetie.”

“I’m a spiritual person. I’m not perfect. I have my flaws. I have my own issues. But my heart goes out to people who are in need. And to actually sit and talk to Angela and she recognizes what is wrong with her. She accepts it. She told me it could be worse. I told her she is a blessing to me and many others, and I pray every day that I am a blessing to someone else as well as to me. The blessing I got out of it was to see her smile. All I wanted to do was make her day better,” Ebnoy said on WCRZ Radio.

Ebony also hopes that maybe she can help, “Spread awareness that no matter the person, who they are, what color they are, disability, whatever, they’re people too. She’s a girly girl. She’s just like you, me, Tasia, my daughter, anybody. She wants to look pretty, you know, and so why can’t she?”

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