Halloween Candy for Heroes! — A Great Use of Your Extra Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy for Heroes! — A Great Use of Your Extra Halloween Candy

If you’re like our family, your kids won’t need all the Halloween candy they’ll receive. You also won’t need the leftovers you have from buying more candy than you’ll be able to pass out.

A great use of that Halloween candy is to remind our troops that they’re not forgotten! You can thank our troops, make someone’s day, share your candy and even get a tax deduction. You only need to bring your candy to your local drop off location.

There are three great organizations collecting candy. Operation Gratitude, which has sent over 3 million care packages to troops, wants our extra Halloween candy to create care packages. Soldiers’ Angels, which has sent over 800K care packages to troops is also collecting candy for care packages. And, lastly, the Halloween Candy Buy Back will collect your candy and give you cash, coupons, toothbrushes or other creative exchanges. They’re also sending your candy to troops. Details and links are below…

Ways you can help:

    1. Donate leftover candy (but please don’t include pixy stix or powdery candy – they don’t ship well). Here are three places that will accept your candy. You can find a Soldiers’ Angels drop off near you as well as directions to mail your candy directly to their office. Soldiers’ Angels distributes the candy to deployed troops, veterans, and wounded veterans in VA Hospitals.Through Operation Gratitude you can be matched with a local military unit, first responder department or veteran organization OR ship your candy to Operation Gratitude. Please don’t include powdered candy, unwrapped candy or homemade food. Operation Gratitude distributes the candy along with care packages.

      The Halloween Candy Buy Back program has dental offices across the country that will buy your candy for cash or prizes or raffle tickets or some sort of reward and send the candy and tooth brushes to troops. The distribution started with a single dentist looking to help our troops and is now accessible across the US. Their partners, Move America Forward, and Operation Shoebox, are nonprofits that provides care packages to troops.

Looking for more ideas about how to spread kindness? Check out, HumanKind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time. This National Bestseller is filled with true stories about how one small deed can make a world of difference and dozens of ways we can all have an impact. “Elegant and wise” (Deepak Chopra). “The most uplifting and life-affirming book in years” (Forbes). Learn more about HumanKind.

  1. If you’re dropping off candy with Operation Gratitude,Write letters, draw pictures or hand make items that can go with the candy in care packages.
  2. Also donate any of the many other items troops need and want. Check out the Operation Gratitude Wish List.

You can even take a deduction for the value of your candy on your taxes.

What a nice way to say, “Thank You Veterans” and to support our troops.

Happy Halloween!

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Operation Gratitude

“Operation Gratitude: Thank you very much for your continued love and support. I am reminded that I am not forgotten!!” – SSG A.A.

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